The Guild Crest

The Zaitchek Trading Guild is a massive economic power and a driving force behind political activity. Their influence is amongst that of the largest of the factions although this is a difficult comparison due to the fact that Zaitchek holds no spheres of its own and instead commands many thousands of airships that move the bulk of goods among the Spheres.

Overview Edit

The Guild is a pacifist entity for the most part. They lack any kind of warship to defend their interests with and instead fight their battles with politics and coin. An army without food or weapons cannot fight and wars have been decided through the guilds decision whether or not to trade with one party or the other. The operate under a policy of absolute loyalty, honouring contracts and treaties to the absolute letter.

Along with their massive fleets of trade vessles, Zaitchek also operates the Beacons, navigational aids that were created to serve the guilds own best interest but are free for use by any airship.

Their Crest, a gold, three pointed star, is flown by all of their ships as well as the Beacons and is a common sight anywhere that airships frequent.

Government Edit

Zaitchek is governed by a board of directors arranged with respect to each members stake in the guild. Members with a greater investment carry more weight in the voting process.

Beacons Edit

The Beacons are a navigational aid operated by the Zaitchek Trading Guild. There are just over a thousand platforms arranged a thousand kilometers apart in a large grid. Some operated by the guild with the majority run by the nearby Spheres.

Each Beacon has its own unique identification sequence that it broadcasts using coloured lights. By knowing the direction towards a Beacon, an airship can pinpoint its position with a high degree of accuracy.