Waether Empirios, also called the Waether Empire, is the second largest empire nad nation of Aurora, second in power only to the Bulwark Empire, and even then only by technological prowess and controlled Spheres.


Waether Empirios is the second most powerful nation of Aurora, and the most powerful influence in the central Spheres of Aurora. Its control extends to most Spheres surrounding Maelstrom, making it quite near to the Bulwark Empire. Waether Empirios is founded upon primarily scholastic principles, and is known for its extremely adept magics; a Weather sorceror of great achievment is second to none in the world, it is believed. Though considered slightly less powerful than Bulwark, it boasts the greatest population of Aurora.




Waether Empirios is a definitely totalitarian nation, ruled singularly by an individual who is not subject to the law, and has absolute control of it. Despite the cemented and focused power, the people of Waether Empirios generally regard its leader, Emperor Solderlight, with amazement and respect. For the most part, management of law and order is left to lower ranking officials, whilst the Emperor lazes in wealth and glory.


Notable IndividualsEdit