Veyati sports a white mask and deep blue silken robes personally, but this same basic ensemble is also seen on the rest of the crew in some variations.

Veyati stands at five feet and eight inches tall and is covered from head to toe in what seems to be expensive finery, including the white mask. The voice that speaks behind the mask, though slightly muffled, is unmistakably feminine. It is a light and soft voice that seems to fit perfectly with the ensemble that provides anonymity, as if it would believably come from the mask itself rather than the person behind it.


Veyati and her crew are apparently explorers part of what is assumed to be a recently founded religious sect. Though it is not entirely sure, one could also safely assume that the masks and robes they all wear are part of their tenets, and their refusal to reveal their physical identities even to one another follows as well.

She is a cartographer and claims to be an expert at mapping and chronicling the unknown. Not all the spheres she said she would visit are entirely safe, but she claims that the dangers are well worth the discoveries made and the stories to tell later on. Her sore lack of maps of even the civilized spheres in central Aurora implies she may very well be a novice, but nevertheless determined. Of what anyone else other than her crew has seen her draw, she is a very skilled artist, and the scenery she has drawn of other spheres has been done so expertly.