The Best Elf There Ever Was Ever.
Age 211
Gender Female
Race Malach Elf
Home Sphere Dis

"What? A criminal? Me?.." - Una

"Una, your acting is bad." - Ailis

"Ailis, we are not criminals unless they can prove otherwise!" - Una

"But, there's an orc with a severed arm behind us... And you're holding a bloodied dagger." - Ailis

"This could be anyone's blood! And look, it's almost done evaporating!" - Una


Una's first cycle begun near the end of the Demon War, a short destructive war that involved all of the kingdoms of Dis. The populations of each race were quickly diminishing, the elves took the largest blow from this as their extended lives were being cut short, and they could not reproduce quickly like other races. In addition to this, their southern forests had been burnt down by the Orcs and Goblins that had allied during the war and caused many of the tribes that lived in them to die out, or change their way of life completely. 

During this period, the Malach Elves were the only to attempt defending the remnants of the southern forests. The small tribe was respected for their acrobatic combat and strange techniques, but no one really expected them to ward off the orcish armies so easily. But they did, and what was left of the ashen forests were saved. Una was just a child at this time, but she could understand the feat her family had just accomplished. And she felt the most respect for her father, who was a respected adviser to the chief of the tribe and an accomplished soldier for their cause.

She wanted to be like him, someone who could give people strength with words, someone who could hold their own when in the face of danger and give the people around you hope. But still, there was much to mourn over, many lives were lost and their homes were now blackened husks of what they once were. But peace was just upon the horizon, the dragons to the northwest were the first to propose the peace treaty to the races, every race accepted this proposal with open arms and hope upon their face. Every race except the elves. It wasn't the elves as a whole that declined the treaty but the leader of Elven-kind, Koh, whom had still been bitter about the loss of their southern territories. The Orcs and Elves had a long history of distrust, and he reinforced his declining with the facts that their soldiers were still occupying elf land.

Every race was on edge for days, but a fate took a turn for the better, but also for the worse. The Malach could not stand any more losses for their race, the treaty was the best decision and hope they had in order to avoid their tribe from dying out, but the higher council within could not come to a conclusion. So, Una's father departed under the shroud of night one day after their debating.

She was aware of this, as was her mother, but neither of them questioned the man. What they didn't expect was him to not return? Several days passed, but finally the tribe got word of Koh's death and the elf throne's new name. It was Una's father, he had traveled to their capital that night and slew the old king in cold blood. But in the end he was now in the race's seat of power, and Lae, Uma's father signed the peace treaty ending the Demon War for good.

Shortly after, the royal-blood elves overthrew Lae and executed him for treason.

Things were a lot quieter after the treaty were signed, especially in the southern forests. The orcs that once set their homes ablaze were now helping the Malach replant the trees and repair what they destroyed. But a void was forming in the hearts of those who lost loved ones. Ùna grew a deep hatred for the royalty of her race. and their lack of understanding to why her father made the decision he had made. So as she aged, her drive was solely one of revenge and to change the arrogant rule that held grasp over her race.

When she grew old enough to leave the forest, she left immediately, having already learned the arts and traditions of her people she knew that she'd need to learn more about the land itself before taking on such an obscene purpose. She first ventured north to the land of dragons, the bitter cold was not something she was accustomed to but she continued to the dragon capital of Lucia nonetheless. Here she learned of her tribes history with dragons, they were old rivals from ancient times and held a deep respect for one another, a particular elder dragon even noted that her tribe was capable of taking down Nidhogg, one of the first offspring of the Dragon Queen. She grew fond of the dragons and stayed there for a few years, even learning to ride the race with their permission, but she had to move on and departed with the knowledge she had gained.

From here she set out south to gain some knowledge from the ogres and Cubi. At first she didn't have any leads to what she was looking for and nearly gave up, there were other places she could go in all reality. But before she could leave, a particular succubi approached her while she was sleeping in an alleyway. They were not acquaintances, nor did they know one another. But they seemed to both have a fighting spirit, so they drew their blades and fought from that night, until the sun was high.

Ailis was her name, a young cubi whom was looking to travel as well. She explained that the reason for her pursuit was merely fascination with Una, and the craving to duel her. Ending in a draw, Una accepted the girl for her skill as an equal, and furthermore asked her any notable information that her people might carry. Ailis offered only that her people stemmed from a single woman named Lilith, and that she is said to have come from another world along with the progenitor of the nereids. Accepting the little information as a success, and the follower as an accomplice, the two now travel Dis doing as they please to further their goals. Though Una's purpose may have been diverted and distracted as many years have gone by without purging the royal bloodline, she still holds that need for revenge deep within her heart.

The Story So Far...Edit

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