The Windy Mare is a pirating group of Aurora, operating in the outer reaches of the Sphere density, so as to avoid the ire of several large empires and trading companies.


The Windy Mare is filled with many dozens of members, from bandits, to pirates, to thieves and assassins, but is attributed singularly to the Windy Mare airship, owned and headed by the infamous Captain Potash. The Windy Mare claims no home Sphere or base of operations beyond its own airship, and thus is frequently seen off of Sphere territory and wandering the Auroran skies.

The Windy Mare is notorious for targeting Spheres with more mythical treasures, rather than aiming for money and profit alone. It is assumed that, along the way, they frequent upon gold and silver anyways.

Members of the pirating group are regarded as cuttthroats and murderers, slaughtering any innocent they deem an obstacle. Captain Potash himself goes as far as to kill anyone he simply finds an annoyance. Their power and numbers lends to a unanimously sought after bounty by multiple nations, but few have gotten close to apprehending them well enough to suspend operations.