The Red Scarves

To the general public they are seen as nothing more than a small band of mercenaries who are willing to carry out odd jobs for little pay. But the reality is that The Vermilion Order aren't just some nameless vagabonds. They are an organized group of men and women with their own motives and plans in motion, and although their record of actions show that their moral standing is positive, what these plans are still remain unknown.


The small group of sellswords is known to not originate from any particular sphere, but instead from a number of them. The order's founder, Carnelia, is said to have left her own sphere after gaining the funds to acquire an airship, and upon her travels came across several skilled people whom also had aspirations to leave their spheres and see the rest of Aurora. She and these acquired talents would later become what the order is today, and over the years gathered a reputation for themselves. The Vermilion Order's airship is known as Scharloch and is identifiable by it's red color and small size.