The Silence of Life is a recent even in Auroran history that has afflicted all forms of life across the world. It is noted by its unknown origin, being completely unexpected and having no known cause; only rumors of its start and reason abound. The Silence of Life has caused great paranoia in all Aurorans due to its negation of the creation of any form of life, be it by natural processes (reproduction) or magical forgery (such as Homunculi).

The Silence of Life is deemed to have started five years ago, when births appeared to be officially halted. Many answers have been sought after, but no clues have come to light as of yet.


For all living entities on the many Spheres of Aurora, the birth of children has been made impossible by the Silence. It is primarily the only reason anyone understands that the Silence is even a truly occuring event. Sexual intercourse results in no pregnancy, and attempts to undergo replication as in budding organisms, or asexual reproduction sees no fruits of labor.

The birth rate has thus become a perfect 'zero' across the entirety of Aurora, while the death rate remains.

Artificial LifeEdit

Beyond natural reproduction, the creation of artificial "life" by means of arcane magic also appears to be impossible. Homunculi are failed to be produced no matter how much effort and time is put into their forging by mages. This, in combination with a non-existant birth rate instills deep concern in nearly every populace of Aurora.