The Ash Plain is a relatively unknown desolate sphere entirely unfit for life with little known of its history. It lies within the independent quarters, and it's largely uninhabited.


The Ash Plain is a land housing vast expanses of ash which intermingle long eroded ruins. Charred remnants of massive trees lay toppled and rotting. The air is thick with as and soot which chokes the air and burns the eyes. The oppressive atmosphere clouds vision from above the surface. This Sphere is relatively unknown to all but intrepid explorers or scholars, not due to being excessively difficult to find but rather due to being inhospitable enough to serve as a strong deterrent for all but the most dedicated individuals. For those that have found or know of the sphere, opinions vary greatly with no solid evidence for its nature. Researchers remain unsure if the sphere was ever once fit for life or if it was always the wasteland it is today. Some say it is cursed, others say a dumping ground. Rumor has it that it harbors hardened criminals, enemies of Bulwark and Waether, or even worse. The truth, however, remains unknown.