Thanatite Dagger

Thanatite is a multi-purpose alloy used for the creation of tools and weaponry, it is rare and it's unique traits make it highly sought after by smiths of every kind.


Thanatite is usually found at a dark color scaling from black to dark brown, it's ore can only be found on Dis and is only mineable using a certain hydraulic method developed by the Orcs and Goblins. Thanatite is very hard, and holds about the same weight as iron.

The unique quality of Thanatite is that it can hold massive amounts of heat without melting, and retain the heat for long periods of time. The material is able to withstand a dragon's flames and retain it's qualities while only increasing in temperature. Many alchemists have developed ways for these weapons to maintain their heat indefinitely using strange designs and materials found on Dis, examples of this are; a furnace at the guard of the weapon filled with firesand, sheaths coated with firesand, or small amounts of acridium.