A row of Silean Paladins and priestess.

The Silean Doctrine is a spiritual and religious organization that is most influential within the Bulwark Empire, though sports some churches outside of their borders. The Silean Doctrine preaches a reverence for life above all else, and the treatment of all living things with respect where it is deserved.

The Mind, Body, and SoulEdit

Silean Doctrine dictates that there are three aspects to any living thing in Aurora; that of the mind, body, and soul. Each has its own function, and each must be kept "clean" to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

  • The Mind is the magic-borne semi-corporeal aspect to the living. It serves to translate the incoporeal will of the Soul into the Body.
  • The Body is the coporeal avatar of the Soul, which is capable of directly acting upon the world, doing the Soul's bidding.
  • The Soul is the unique quality to every living thing. It is indestructible, invisible, and infinite; it has always been and always will be. The soul is what is required for any living thing to truly be.

Multiple ritualistic exercises are completed daily or weekly to cleanse each aspect of an individual's life, namely by meditation and exercise. Meditation is considered the greatest way to open up one's link between the Mind and Soul, to better the connection between the two. It allows for the Soul to properly convey its feelings and intents to the Mind without error. An individual who is considered fallen into madness is thought to be an individual whose connection between Mind and Soul is hazy or broken.

Exercise (performed as a series of defined movements, much like yoga or martial arts), helps better the connection between Mind and Body, further increasing one's ability to control themselves (adherents to the doctrine believe that their Soul is the true master of themselves, rather than the mind). Doing both of these events ritualistically is the fundamental purpose of the Silean Doctrine and its churches. Temples of both meditation and exercise can be found in areas influenced by the doctrine, each with "Priests" or "Masters", respectively to facilitate followers progression into enlightenment and better lifestyle.