After descending into the Garude forest, night falls upon the traveling trio, Veyati, Caslin, and Iroas. Setting up a small camp in the woods, they wait until night passes, at least one of them keeping awake at a time. While Veyati and Caslin remain awake, a pair of Snatchers appear outside their camp, but keep well away.

In the morning, the trio reaches the exterior of the Belial's grounds, and they plan to go in through the front door, ultimately, believing the home to be asleep during the light hours. Upon entering, however, they are seen by a maid, whom they quickly subdue. In the midst of her capture, Lisil Belial also comes across the intruders, though the situation is quickly resolved and the meaning behind their intrusion explained.

Lisil initially believed the group to be cronies of Dr. Stensen, but then instead explains why, and tells the trio of what Stensen is doing. She, along with the Cain family, were supposedly conducting inhuman experiments using the souls of the deceased. They intend to use them in some way to survive "The End", which is projected to occur in just a years time.

While discussing with them, they are visited by someone knocking at the door. The maid, Mielle, answers it and is stabbed through the chest by an unseen figure. Dr. Stensen as well as two knights enter the home and proclaim that Lisil and her brother's souls will be used in the experiment.

Veyati, Caslin, and Iroas fight the two knights while Lisil rushes upstairs to call upon her brother. Both knights are dispatched, but Veyati's mask is broken, revealing her to have vampire-like qualities. Veyati assumes Stensen was merely stalling for something else, and she runs upstairs. Stensen leaves without a fight, and Veyati encounters a third knight, Vane, with Lisil and her brother unconscious in his arms.

Vane offers Veyati a chance to find him later, giving her a vague clue as to how to find the Cain's castle before disappearing through a shadowy portal.