Arriving on the Bulwark Empire's Sphere of Garude, Veyati finds herself surrounded by suspicion and rumor. The people of Garude take little liking to her, and keep to themselves... save for two individuals. A man who later introduces himself as Makul, and an unnamed woman.

The two individuals are initially curious of Veyati's presence, pressing questions and the like, before offering her an invitation to the city's latest party, attended by wealthy and notable individuals residing on Garude in the area. While Veyati accepts, her ship's captain, Caslin refuses the invitation. Veyati attends the party alone the next night.

There she is met with by Makul, who fully introduces himself. A local aristocrat by the name of Lady Auriga joins in the conversation, and once more presses questions upon Veyati's origin and intent. Though skeptical, Lady Auriga leaves the two having learned only that Veyati is a cartographer, albeit doing so with an ominous note. Veyati suspects she has something to hide.

On her way back to the ship, Veyati is ambushed by two Ghasts, whom she quickly disposes of with help from a knight who appears on the scene. The two retreat to the ship, where the knight introduces himself as Sir Iroas, a warrior from the Waether Empire.

Iroas explains that he has been sent by the Waether Empire to investigate the activities of vampires on Garude, postulating that there is the dimmest chance that they have something to do with the Silence of Life. While initially suspecting Veyati is an agent from the Bulwark Empire doing the same, Veyati reveals she is an outsider that had nothing to do with the investigation, or the empire.

In the end though, Veyati agrees to join Sir Iroas in investigating the vampires, along with Captain Stygal. The trio prepares to head into the woods outside, intent on spying and eventually infiltrating the Belial residence within; a known family of vampires.