On an agricultural Sphere just outside of Bulwark airspace, Scipio is approached by a young Minou by the name of Edith Linne, who proclaims that they are both after the same person. Though initially wary of one another, the two decide to take an airship to Urborg together, as Edith knew where their quarry had disappeared to.

After several days of waiting, the pair board the infrequent airship from their Sphere to Urborg, flying for several hours before seeing landfall. Before the ship can land, however, they are attacked by unknown beams of light which split the ship in half. With quick thinking and his web-spinning, Scipio carried himself and Edith safely to the ground using a makeshift parachute.

After ascending a tree to search for any nearby civilization he finds a location in the distance before returning to the forest floor and finding Edith apprehended by a group of soldiers. To save her, he fakes her being killed by an arrow of webs. Her captor releases her, thinking her dead, and turns his attention to Scipio himself. The man appears inhuman, using some form of liquid metal to attack him. Scipio entombs the man in a sphere of silk, and then moves on to kill two other knights. Edith recouperates and aids in the fight, killing to herself.

After lifting the silk sphere, it is revealed the man disappeared somewhere into the earth. Edith and Scipio continue on up a mountain to the location he had found earlier. At a flattened area of the mountain, they come across a fortress in the distance, and approach it.

In the field at its base, Edith approaches a peculiar giant sword embedded in the ground, which is revealed to be Chalyx Steel.