Severn in Ira

The Severn is a creature that seems closely related to a dragon with small differences in body structure. Their heads are usually disproportionately large and decorated with eyes that seem lifeless or un-intelligent. The Severn are adorned with a pair of small wings on their back, however they are unable to fly for long periods of time and instead use the heavy wings as destructive blunt limbs for crushing prey.


Severn are less than intelligent creatures, their large size and distinct appearance usually alerts any prey of their presence. Though some lesser animals are not careful enough and when they do cross the mighty beast their mistake is repayed before they can correct it. Severn are extremely aggressive and rarely will they not attack living creatures they are able to consume.

Notable InformationEdit

Severn are known to carry a potent toxin in their skin that is deadly even to animals larger than itself. While touching the skin alone is not enough to take in the affliction, taking the smallest of wounds from the creature will usually be fatal.