Aurora is a world quite different from our own, being in several ways completely alien to our concept of how the universe is structured. Individuals of Aurora live on the surfaces of their own worlds, but these “worlds” are no more than tiny shards compared to the infinite surface they float above.

The Infinite OceanEdit

The Infinite Ocean is an aptly named body of water that lies at the bottommost area of Aurora. Extending into the horizon for a seemingly endless distance, it is simply assumed by the inhabitants of Aurora that it does not end.

A mysterious shield, invisible to the eye, exists above every inch of this ocean, preventing entry into its depths since the beginning of history. None have made it past the shield by any means, and there are only rumors of what lies beneath.

The SpheresEdit

Spheres are the common name for the round masses of earth that float in the sky above the Infinite Ocean. They vary in size from a small hill in surface area, to that of a 280 km Sphere in terms of diameter. While these worlds rotate in place, they do not budge from their spots, always remaining in place.

Plot OverviewEdit

In the last five years, a strange event has occurred causing the negation of all births for all individuals of Aurora, as well as the impossibility of spawning new 'life' from magic. This event has caused much concern among the populaces of various Spheres, and the paranoia associated with it has caused increasing tensions between normally peaceful nations.

Aurora details the lives and adventures of many different individuals across the world of Aurora, and their journey towards the uncovering of the secrets Aurora holds.