Mynce, also frequently called "Peabody", is a ironically large, but difficult to find sphere. It's supposed distance from Maelstrom and emerald-green surface aids to its nickname, given how individuals on airships perceive it upon first identifying it.


Mynce is well-known due to its scenic landscapes, despite not having a physical position on widely circulated sphere maps. It's assumed to be a far-flung sphere somewhere in the outer reaches of Aurora, but the only thing that feasibly leads close to its position is a gate in the independent quarters, into a minor sphere that hovers many kilometers from it.

Covered in an expanse of hilly, green pastures and white adobe, Mynce is considered one of the more peaceful and pleasurable Spheres to live in... if you can make it there. Though large, Mynce is home to a small race of humanoids called the Mynou, who, while docile and practically devoid of war and battle, can often be prejudiced to outsiders due to their history with them.

The MynouEdit

The Mynou are a small, humanoid race, notable by their animal-like tails and canid ears. Mynou possess very few remarkable traits, even lacking an enhanced sense of hearing despite the size of their ears. To those who have seen them, they are often considered one of the weakest races in all of Aurora. Their docility and lack of outstanding physical abilities led them to subjugation from the first explorers to find their sphere. These explorers were part of early Aurora, before Bulwark and Waether had come into power. The over-extension to attempt to take over Mynce led the old race to being cut off at the gate that brought their forces there. It's eerily unknown why there are few remnants left of that race left on Mynce, as it's assumed nobody came through the gate to fight the old kingdom on Mynce, but Mynou once again dominate their own sphere and have been largely left alone for centuries.

The Mynou grow to be no taller than four and a half feet, and possess very little inclination to fight; a Mynou who is not pacifistic is hard to come by. In truth, the Mynou are exceedingly intelligent and agile. Though they have no standing military, their command of golemancy is unrivaled and is likely the reason why the old kingdoms forces were decimated on both ends.