A hovercraft running on gaseous mana.

Mana is the multi-form energy that pervades all areas of the Auroran universe, used in a variety of ways from powering magitech to facilitating the arcane arts for mages.

Three StatesEdit

Solid ManaEdit

While in it's solid state, mana takes the form of a crystalized material that is usually green in appearance. It is used for various magical applications and is handled directly mostly by humans (or other magic-utilizing entities). It can be used as a writing material, much like graphite, to script magic runes, which, when recited, create a spell mages can cast. When embedded onto a stave or similar object, they can also faciliate spells when cast by mages mentally. It is u

Liquid ManaEdit

While in the fluid state, mana courses through bodies of water as a vibrant glowing form. In lakes, rivers, and seas, the mana flows in defined currents, making it easily trackable and able to be harvested by individuals for use. Uses for the mana in this state range from power plants to personal vehicles. Liquid mana is also used to primarily get airships off the surface of their sphere.

Gaseous ManaEdit

While in it's vapor state, mana is present throughout all air. Despite this, it grows increasingly thinner the closer one is to a sphere's surface. While in it's gaseous form mana is almost exclusively used for the powering of airships to travel from one sphere to another. When liquid mana is burned it's state of matter changes to this gaseous form, and when the gaseous form reaches a sphere's surface once again it condenses back into it's liquid form.

Hazards and ApplicationsEdit

Solid ManaEdit

In its solid state, mana isn't harmful to handle at all and non-volatile.

Magical incantations, after proper preparation of the material, are normally the only thing that evoke energy from solid mana. Incantations can be etched into objects that have already been crafted and imbued with solid mana, but the magical strength of this process can only support simple spells so it is usually used only for glamors such as illusory fire and magical sheen, or simple protection spells that toughen lighter materials or provide warmth for the user. True enchanting is a completely different process and requires imbuing during the crafting process of the object in question.

Liquid ManaEdit

Mana is incredibly toxic in its liquid form and can cause violent sickness and even death if ingested. Thankfully, filtering out mana from water (where it is commonly found) is surprisingly easy. Mana seeping into injuries such as open wounds can also cause sickness and some other strange adverse effects, but not to the same degree as ingesting it. This makes it inherently less dangerous as it is easy to spot in any liquid, usually, and prevention is as easy as not imbibing the tainted liquid.

Being submerged in liquid mana does not seem to cause any adverse effects. In fact, this has been used as part of ritual magic, such as powerful healing spells in order to cure grievous injuries and restore lifeforce, longevity spells to increase the lifespan of the user, and other kinds of related spells. It is thought that this same sort of ritual magic could be used to even resurrect someone, and there are old records detailing events of the resurrection of certain figures, but the full process has been out of use for so long that it has been lost to history.

Gaseous ManaEdit

Gaseous mana is present throughout all air, as previously stated, and is usually thicker outside the bounds of a sphere. Despite its higher density outside of spheres, it is not enough to cause any adverse reactions in living creatures. However, thick mana fog, nicknamed Miasma, is very dangerous and not as simple to avoid as other hazards. While gaseous mana over the open ocean is considered harmless, thick Miasma can cause the same reaction as ingesting liquid mana over prolonged periods of time. Miasma does naturally occur, but is thankfully rare. It is usually only found in deep mines underneath certain spheres and has a distinct glow that can range across greenish or bluefish hues.