Maelstrom is the centre-most Sphere of the Auroran universe, unanimously defined as the reference point from which Sphere density decreases in all directions. Its geography and dangerous workings render Maelstrom uninhabitable for all but the most courageous of scholars and explorers.


Maelstrom is a large, seemingly completely mechanical Sphere that sits in the prime center of the Auroran universe. Expanding outwards in all directions from its surface, the number of Spheres in the sky gradually decreases. Despite being in the center, Maelstrom has an unusually large amount of space between it and nearby Spheres, compared to others in the Auroran center.

Exploration of Maelstrom is extremely hazardous and difficult to achieve, as it is the single Sphere in Aurora which does not possess a gravitational field, and seemingly actively pushes away gaseous mana to a much greater distance than normal. Unless an airship possesses a significant liquid mana reserve upon approach, it risks falling out of the sky and impacting the Shield above the Infinite Ocean (the gas mana dead zone around Malestrom extends far enough that there exists no mana between it and the ocean below).

Due to the lack of gravity, explorers must navigate the exterior and interior of Maelstrom by precariously keeping themselves bound to nearby structures. Given the incredible smoothness and indestructability of Maelstrom, it is difficult even to find a foothold or spot to bind climbing gear to. Luckily -and strangely- Maelstrom possesses a uniquely slow-moving rotation period; it has been calculated that Maelstrom fully rotates every 3000 years.

The Interior of Maelstrom is a maze of circular structures and incomprehensible technology, with its core being protected by a shield similar to the one above the ocean. Its exterior is notable by the immense spire-like structure extending from the largest opening into Maelstrom.

As the Sphere's structures have no inputs, no buttons, no signs, and no familiar mana-driven technology, its purpose is completely unknown.