The Warden of MemoriesEdit


The Warden of Memories

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 192 lbs

Age: Undetermined

Race: Silvantis

Sphere of Origin: Kaldeum

Status: Renown


The Warden of Memories is a title given to the chosen Silvant who will act as the curator and guardian of the Black Book of Kaldeum, the largest and most comprehensive library to ever exist among all the spheres. It is a role that requires the individual to help record and preserve as many events of the known universe as possible in the book so that current and future generations of heroes and champions can learn and bask in the knowledge and experience of their predecessors.

Lithus was born 94 years ago and raised under joined guidance of the Keeper of Peace and the Vanguard of Prosperity. In his time he has expanded the Black Book of Kaldeum by nearly a tenth of it's thickness. That was until the terrible headache of a problem set in. With the sudden drought of fertility, and all the blinding paranoia that had consumed the spheres, Kaldeum had been shaken to the core with internal conflict.

What little peace existed in the world had been lost.

The heroes left the city to return to their homes where the unsettling news of war had started to break out. Deciding that it was best to close Kaldeum's gates until further notice, the three Silvants: The Keeper, The Vanguard, and The Warden decided it was best to part ways in an effort to find the source of the problem.

Three years fruitless years have past since then.