Ley Alisther
Ley Image
Age 20's visually
Gender Female
Race Human(?)
Home Sphere Unknown

"You're all dying anyway, so why waste your time fretting?" - Ley Alisther

Detailing Edit

A woman with a tall stature and rigid posture, her gaze sharp and uncompromising, her appearance remaining inexplicably finely tended to. Her clothing a simple yet strange foreign looking garb with finely crafted accessories adorned with tarnished gold. From her sides hang twin rapiers forged of black metal, the blades showing a polished shine. Speaking with a clear, blunt confidence, her voice holds a low and breathy tone with a honeyed yet vaguely deadened tint lacing each word.

Background Edit

A young woman whose presence beckons the faintest scent of ash to linger in the air. A merchant, a singer, a noble, a wandering traveler or something more? Regardless of the role she chooses to play, Ley is a woman drifting through the world at the mercy of her whims. Her arrivals sudden, her stays sporadic, and her departures equally so she is someone lacking much in the way of any sort of reputation despite travels far and wide.

Story Edit

Waiting to be told...

Skills Edit

Ley is a well trained and skilled fencer with a fair degree of skill in swordplay, however she is a bit rusty due to having little need to engage in direct combat very often. Along with her skill in swordplay and perhaps even more noteworthy is her very high degree of skill in pyromancy. Being a highly skilled pyromancer she is capable of generating and manipulating flames and heat to a high degree. In addition to the offensive ability granted by her pyromancy she has become highly resistant to fire.

In the event she may be forced into direct combat she shows an abnormally high resilience...

Equipment Edit

Aside from her clothing and the trinkets she wears, the only items Ley carries on her at all times are twin rapiers which have been forged to be highly heat resistant.