Korrin is a by all accounts a man of average size, not overly tall, not overly short, he is neither large nor slim, and to be honest if you asked someone what he looked like they would be hard pressed to tell you much about him other than the eerie silver of his hair and his strange blue shelled eyes. He wanders from Sphere to Sphere, rarely staying on any one Sphere for more than a day or two at a time. He is helpful to those who he can be, and occasionally takes jobs from people who have something of value he feels he needs or could use. He is a somber, and rather cold man, though those who spend more time with him often feel as though there is something warmer beneath the cold exterior.


Korrin can see into both the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum allowing him to see in both the dark and very lowlight, he also has no need to blink. He was trained in ancient arts and is an excellent swordsman with his kan'kami a fairly rare type sword, and a master of kage'bushiro a form of martial arts developed specifically by and for certain members of his species, as well as it’s counter art, kami’bushiro’dellai. In addition to his martial arts training he is also trained in multiple forms of magic, from crafting runic spells to create artificial darkness, to using silent lightning and ice magic’s as both an offensive and defensive. He is also a relatively versatile pilot, having learned to pilot multiple different types of craft at a young age and retaining a natural skill for it, as well as a skilled and practiced linguist and naturalist.


He wears a plain white vest, with a full neck, over loose fitting black grey pants, and strapped on sandals over black socks. He wears a light, loose white jacket with doubled black lines down each of the flaps and around the cuffs, and a fingerless white glove on his right hand, with runic emblems on it and a mana gem sewn into the lining of the wrist. He wears multiple rings and bracelets on his left hand and multiple chain necklaces, each with small mana stones and runes attached. His sword a kan'kami, is a long straight single edged blade, that thickens at the hilt, which conceals a mana stone. The hilt, covered in runes and with extra ornamentation for distracting opponents, is long enough for two hands, though the blade is light enough to be used one handed. He also owns and pilots a small craft he named Shun’hii which is a modified Dith’skalli capable of carrying up to ten people at a time, for trips of up to 350 km before needing to stop to refuel on Mana.