The Realm of HeroesEdit

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Many spires line Kaldeum, all of which reach high into the sky.

A Sphere located near the very center of the known universe, and is one of the closest Spheres to the Maelstrom. It consists of endless spires that stretch high up into the sky much like Drerie. Originally home to the Greater Dragons, the first Silvants obtained permission from these majestic beast to use part of their world to craft a place where those of the purest heart can find a home. It was a land meant to bring the heroes of the world together so that peace and prosperity could be spread far and wide. It was here that the Silvantis established the city of Kal'Rus.

With the founding of Kal'Rus, the Silvantis set out to create the Great Library and fill the city walls with heroes of all age, gender, and race. The Silvantis traveled far and wide, choosing only those who have they have found worthy to guide back to Kaldeum. As many years past and fame of the Sphere grew, many people swarmed to the sphere in hopes of accessing it's Library and wells of experience to only be rejected by the dragons that patrolled the skies.

Only the purest of heart seeking to be heroes, or those that were already heroes, were allowed to enter the city.
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The city of Kal'Rus

Upon entering Kaldeum they would find three colossal spires towering over the spire where the city of Kal'Rus sat upon.

In the first spire rested the Keeper of Peace.

In the second spire stood the Vanguard of Prosperity.

And in the final spire slept the Warden of Memories.