Ur208 greatsword
Infrangilis is a metal used primarily in forging weaponry, especially those found in the Bulwark Empire's military.


Infrangilis is an onyx-colored metallic substance that is found in ore deposits in the earth of many Spheres. In its base state, Infrangilis is dark and is about as tough as common steel, being quite a bit lighter, however.

Infragilis possesses the unique property of being able to undergo mass change while retaining size and shape. When shocked with an electrical current, Infrangilis instantly becomes twice as massive whilst staying the same size and shape as it was originally forged.

In the hands of a mage capable of inducing electrical shocks, infrangilis-imbued weapons become more like impossibly heavy bludgeoning weapons than cutting ones. Weapons with mana crystals and specific runes attached can also be utilized by non-mages, though at greater monetary cost.

Infrangilis quickly (within a matter of a second) returns to its normal mass once the shock subsides. Users of infragilis-imbued weapons must take careful precuations with their usage, as the massive weight that afflicts their weapons when shocked can create wide openings.