The Infinite Ocean is the endless body of dark waters situated below the Spheres of Aurora. It is mysterious and almost no knowledge of what it is exists, save for its inability to be reached.


The Infinite Ocean extends, aptly, infinitely in all directions as a flat place of water with an unknown depth. It is considered the "bottom" of Aurora, with the sky above it containing all the Spheres inhabited by the various races and entities of Aurora.

Due to the patterns of density of Spheres above the ocean, it is believed to have a "center", and its horizons are considered the direction to its unreachable edges. Legend believes that the Spheres arose from the depths of the ocean long ago.

The SkyEdit

The air above the Infinite Ocean is the atmosphere that all Spheres share, complete with wind and clouds. The winds pervading the sky seemingly come from the horizon of the ocean's sky, weaving in between the Spheres to create complicated wind currents in the corridors. Few scholars are capable of properly predicting the wind patterns due to this.

The sky reaches a great distance towards space, but due to the technology Aurorans possess and the content of gas mana the higher one goes, it is impossible for anyone of Aurora to reach past it.

The ShieldEdit

The Shield is an invisible, impassable, seemingly energetic barrier that covers the entirety of the Infinite Ocean. None have managed to get past it regardless of their methods. Mana disappears upon coming into contact with it, and normal matter is vaporized progressively as it does the same.

So too is scrying negated upon trying to see past it. Psychics find themselves completely blank in thought when attempting to look past it. Teleportation spells simply fail upon trying to move any mass to the other side of the shield.