Homunculi are artificial entites bearing what is considered "life" compared to other magical constructs like golemns. Mages create them by creating "Soul Vessels" using mana, which can hold the souls of individuals in them. This usually takes the form of a very complicated mana crystal. A body is then forged using magic, which could take many forms, and implanted with the vessel. Artificial souls can be placed in the vessel, then these artificial souls become at it's roots just very complicated magic spells.

The Components of a HomunculiEdit

Soul VesselsEdit

A complex mana crystal that is usually refined in appearance and dense with mana as a whole. It is used by a mage to hold the soul of an individual, which can later be implemented into an artificial body created through magical means. When the crystal is melded to the artificial body, the soul occupying the crystal is then able to press it's consciousness into the construction and use it as a living creature would.

Artificial BodyEdit

Artificial bodies are structures that are able to be fitted with a Soul Vessel and gain life once this is done. They are also created through magical means, however, the more proficient the mage that casts the spell to create one is, the higher quality of an artificial body will be. Most mages capable of creating artificial bodies are capable of creating basic shells that can be given life with a soul vessel, while rare experts in this particular magic are capable of creating sophisticated constructions with many unique aspects and traits to the soul.