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A Ghast is any ghost that has attempted to return to the world of the living fully, attaining a physical body with which to interact in the world. Ghosts must perform a magic ritual involving a willing spiritual mage to undergo the change, and the effects are permanent. Normally a ghost is an incorporeal and often invisible entity that has rooted itself to the world, whereas a ghast is a corporeal representation of a ghost, still invisible but capable of creating physical change in the world.

Ghasts are by nature invisible, and their appearance is unanimously accompanied by clothing of some sort. To become tangible, a ghost must first resonate with a physical object which it becomes bonded to; in the case of a ghast, this object is clothing. From then on, even its invisible body is physical.

Ghasts can be wounded, but do not bleed. Weapons become "embedded" in their invisible flesh and deal a sort of converted spiritual damage to their souls. These wounds can be healed, but given a wound that would be fatal to any human, the ghast dies. Upon this second death, the ghast becomes separated from its bound clothing and returns to being a ghost.