Age of WyrmsEdit

During the primitive ages of Dis, the only races were elves and dragons. The elves were very reclusive and very few in number, while the dragons roamed the land freely, preying upon what they wished. Back then the dragonspawn were ruled over not by the queen, but the father of all dragons, Lucifer, he was the embodiment of pride. No dragon has since rivaled his size, nor his magnificence, he spoke only in the native dragonspeak and showed little mercy for any life other than his consort and children. For ages the Dragon's rule of Dis was absolute, and this was known as the Age of Wyrms.

The First Dragon WarEdit

As the number of elves increased and Dis began to sprout new forms of life from different angles, the Dragons began to fear losing their place as it's rulers. Many of the dragonspawn lashed out in anger at the younger races that had just began to decorate the world with their mark, the Nereids were constantly attacked if they left their aquatic homes and stunted the people's ability to spread their culture to other parts of the land. Though something was amidst as the dragons continued to reign terror, a trator among their kind appeared to the oldest of elves giving knowledge that the Patriarch of their kind slept once every thousand years in a certain mountain within their homeland. With this information the elves plotted to assassinate the Dragon King in his slumber, but before they could do this, they had to start a war. 

Dragon War
Thousands of elves, more than anyone may have predicted stormed from the forests of Ira heading north to their enemy's homeland. The dragons were strong, and had the elves outnumbered, but elves markmanship and hardened senses from their dangerous homeland helped them keep even in the battles.

While keeping a close eye on the king, the elves finally witnessed him enter the cave in which he planned to rest. During a large skirmish in Lucia's central territories, a small group of talented elves known as the Malach crept under the guise of night into the mountains caverns to end the evil creature's reign over the land. They attempted many things; firing arrows into his eyelids, having several of their swordsmen slash at the scales on his throat, nothing seemed to be able to pierce the king's diamond-hard scales. Though one of the younger tribesman pulled a small sword from his belt, the metal held a strange green tint to it like nothing they had seen before. The elf brought the sword to the dragon's throat, smoke began to rise from the dragons skin, and with the agreement of his kinsmen they all grabbed the hilt of the sword and pulled it from one end of the fiend's throat to the other. Lucifer's corpse still remains in Lucia's highest mountain, Summit of Despair. With their leader's demise, the dragons pulled back in respect of the elves' capability to slay even the mightiest of their kind. And in the end, the Elves brought the dragons' reign to a conclusion.

The Great ProsperityEdit

With the greatest threat to life now gone, new races began to appear from every corner of the world. The Nereids were able to travel north to Ira, introducing themselves as a people who wished for only peace. While the Eastern races still hadn't introduced themselves, orcs and goblins had erupted from unknown origin within the desert. It was later that their first settlers left the desert in order to seek further wealth, they ended up in Bal'zubah where they met the Ogres and were introduced to trading. The deserts were not hospitable for farmland, and no gold had ever been found in the Ogre homeland, so they exchanged the two and thus commerce began. Traveling Ogre Merchants would later travel north and south introducing their race, and gold to the rest of the world. The Cubi were later discovered, though they made no effort in traveling outside of their homeland, instead they offered the other races to share time in their own and the festivities they had created in order to survive. These five kingdoms of people had created the the foundation of what Dis is today, and named this period of Dis' history The Great Prosperity.

The Second Dragon WarEdit

Over time, word of dragons soaring over major settlements of people began to spread causing panic among the races. None besides the elves and nereids had ever encountered them afterall, but they all turned to the elves for aid. They as a whole were always withdrawn, preferring to live in their wildlands and forests of Ira, but they shared their knowledge of the war if only to benefit the races' chances if the dragons did turn to war once again. After this, each tribe of elves sent their best scouts to Lucia to investigate their lands, they had not been their in such a long time that the terrain was unfamiliar to them, the scouts lost their way and found themselves in the core of the mountainous land. Here hundred-thousands of dragons swarmed the skies overhead in a circular formation, they did not attack the elves but their gesture was more of an Omen of Doom than anything to them.

When the scouts returned and brought word of what they saw, the races bickered on plans to retaliate or defend their land. Within the chaos, the plan eventually landed with the Nereids who had informed the other races many years ago of how the dragons preyed upon their race and drove them to never leave their land. The Nereids were unknown for combat, though they held a strong sense of duty to their home and decided to prepare for war.

The Allied Races then marched to Lucia through Bal'zubah, they reached it's southern border before stopping. The ogres held the front lines, the orcs bearing great weapons of iron and steel shortly after, with the smaler races at the back. None knew what to expect but the pinnacle of battle was quickly approaching, a black cloud quickly coming from the distance. Swarms of dragons, more than the elves anticipated swept down from the skies landing and maiming at the armies with ease, burning the unarmored to nothing but cinders. It was a rude awakening to the races that they weren't ready, though there was a hidden boost of redemption rising within the crowds of armed soldiers, the Nereids held a hidden talent with the sword, their courageous ranks swiflty taking down approaching dragons with simple swords and shields. Despite their efforts the battle ended in a draw, and both sides retreated with many casualties.

The last war had been won after they struck down their king, the question to them now what, who led these dragons? What pressed them to rekindle the war? The scouts that entered Lucia before were questioned of any significant information they may have left out, the only thing they knew was that the dragons circles over the region's center and nothing else. The same bloodline of elves that had slain Lucifer were chosen to further investigate this phenomena, and their pursuit led them to the very mountain they slew him. What they found was greatly unsettling. The corpse remained mostly intact, however a large amount of eggs were being incubated within the stomache of the slain king, and just barely out of sight, a black dragon perched within the caverns.

The creature assaulted the elves with breath of fire, turning one of them into a pile of ash and disintegrating the right arm of another. Fortunately the group had learned that dragons were weak to a certain form of metal, Acridium, which they had managed to make a few weapons out of. Armed with these effective weapons and a new technique of combat called shadowdancing, they managed to slay this dragon and rather than being welcomed by comrades of their victory, nearby dragonspawn heard the shrill cries of the beast and came to answer it's call for help. It seemed to be the end for them. But through luck, a nearby group of elite soldiers had managed to fight their way back to the mountain and assist the elves. Among them the captain of the Nereid forces, who slew the last of the ambushing dragons. Victory was imminent, and their enemy was left crippled by their act.

The team made their way further north, to the nesting grounds of the dragons. They planned on eradicating the young in attempts to seize the chances of a third war. But they were stopped. Not by force, but with pleas from the matriarch of the Dragons, the queen herself. With many dragons surrounding, they could only accept to hear her out. She spoke of the rogue dragon whom had no name, she was black as night and spoke only once among her kin stating that dragons were the sole rulers of Dis, and those who did not fight to maintain this birthright did not have the right to live. It affected many of the males, whom had lost brothers and sons in the previous war. It was this dragon that had started the current war, and she and her supports alone at fault. 

The group questioned why the previous war occurred, her simple answer was arrogance and pride, nothing more. The queen seemed most somber to the elves who had lost much of their land in this war long ago, though respect was given for this apology. The queen offered to take the group herself to the grave of Lucifer, to eradicate the black dragon's eggs and prevent future issues. They accepted, and after the young dragons' lifes were extinguished the Queen asked for peace, and war stopped at her word.

The Demon WarEdit

Many years passed, and over them, similar occurences to the black dragon started to appear throughout Dis. People attempting to overthrow rulers, rebellions striking against corruption, the most well known however was the very well-known Civil War within Ma'amun. Orcs and Goblins are greedy by nature, but they suddenly started getting more aggressive and violent in nature as time went on. No one seemed to have any explanation for this phenomena until a very old Cubi answered this enigma. "We are all, demons." Said the elder Incubi, explaining that each race held their own horrible trait and could be seen as a monster to the others. Many of the races denied this, some simply accepted it, but in the end, distrust and disarray led to an all out war between every race on Dis, The Demon War. For many years they fought, losing a great deal of their populations that would take centuries to regain. But finally after so much bloodshed, the Dragon Queen proposed a Treaty of Peace to the races. Tired of the war, most accepted and signed willingly, however the delayed Elves caused the war to extend slightly, but they did agree to it in the end.