Age 17
Gender Female
Race Human
Home Sphere Majesty

"Beneath my unmoving visage, I find great entertainment in seeing you kneel before a child."


Emperor Solderlight, ruler of the Waether Empirios nation and its peoples, was originally but a small apprentice mage under the teachings of her home empire. Originally named 'Elspeth Light', she came to adopt the name 'Solderlight' from ancient stories of magicians. None today know of her beginnings beyond this, no her name; records of her life prior to her usurping were burned, broken, or killed. To her subjects, she merely came to be by some great event out of nothing with no history preceding it.

It assumed a minute few individuals exist in Aurora who managed to escape Solderlight's information purge, though due to the ease that the Waether Empire could employ far-reaching silencers, such knowledgeable individuals keep this information to themselves. If word got out, it might be traced to them.

Rumors are a dangerous thing in her nation, but few can resist the urge to consider what she was like before rising to power. Most believe she dabbled into a forbidden quarter of the Majesty Great Library, granting her a surge in magic powers, while others believe she is the descendant of cosmic, otherworldly entities. An angel in the flesh, to some.

Though young, her unfathomable powers grant her undying and unobstructed rule over Waether Empirios, and her cold, stoic, and ruthless nature has led to rather unfavorable living conditions in the nation.


Though boosted by the density of mana on her homeworld, Majesty, Solderlight's powers are of such a caliber that no living mage claims to have a greater talent. It is more than a rumor, being common knowledge that Solderlight has never once stressed in a duel of magic, or combat in general; her magical prowess is such that she has yet to be physically hurt by any entity, object, or individual, ever.

The extent of her repetoire of spells is far too great to detail properly, possibly being capable of performing any spell currently known by modern mages. Some go as far as to believe she can copy a magic ability simply upon seeing it, and furthermore performing it to a greater degree than the original.

Where and how she adopted these powers is unknown, as a great number of her skills were seemingly achieved from no prior background knowledge; even in the great libraries of Waether Empirios, Solderlight's spells have seemingly escaped having been recorded in the past.