BogeyMan by Autaux

Now you will know why you fear the night.

Dusk Horror is a blanket term for the sentient aberrations that rampantly roam Garude's isolated areas, such as its forests and marshes, once the sun has fallen. They are not part of the ecological system on Garude, and seem only present on Garude to lurk in the dark and torment the living. The Dusk Horrors are also aptly known as 'Bogeymen'.


The actual appearance of a Dusk Horror is unknown, considering the fact that all accounts given of dusk horrors seem to speak of completely different creatures by their descriptions. Some speak of winged creatures with leathery, black skin and bulging red eyes. Others speak of sinewy, quadrupedal beasts with their skeletons and internal tissues visible on the outside. The accounts vary so much that, like most rumors of things lurking in the dark on Garude, people are more inclined to disbelieve their existence and simply perpetuate it as a tale to keep children from wandering off in the dark and get to bed at night.


Dusk Horrors are said to only appear to foolish adventurers that venture too far from civilization, particularly into places like the dark forests, completely alone. This unfortunately contributes to them being but a myth, as no two people at any given time can agree on one account of sighting a Dusk Horror. However, an already paltry amount could ever survive an encounter with them.

Dusk Horrors are said to travel in packs, and one will always know when they have ventured out into the night for too long by themselves. No matter what anyone says of what a Dusk Horror looks like, every last chilling tale has one thing in common. The sound hollow cackling will fill the air as the world appears to turn unnaturally dark and cold. Even the most valiant soldier has been overcome with dread by the sound.

Macabre spectacles are left of those unfortunate enough to be attacked by a pack of Dusk Horrors. Skin and muscle is stripped clean from the bodies and scattered around the site of their death, while their blood is drained to the last drop and spread all across the site. The mutilated corpses of those supposedly felled by Dusk Horrors are always mashed into crumpled heaps and left to rot in a disgusting pile of their own remains-- whatever remains after the Dusk Horrors have finished making a mess of their victim. Even lone knights in full armor have had their plates and chains sheared and torn clean off by the strength of these beasts.

Those who boast of killing a Dusk Horror can bring no evidence of their triumph over the night, as the mutilated corpse of a Dusk Horror will always evaporate into black fog.

Though many would discount any story of a Dusk Horror as just the ramblings of another poor fool turned insane by their own paranoia of the darkness, the strange happenings have grown so frequent that deep down everyone knows their existence to be true. Nobody has the courage to find the source of these beasts, however, as they will only appear to lone adventurers, and they will always appear in packs.