968 Plateau

Drerie Surface

Drerie is the home Sphere of the dragonborn, situated far from the center of Aurora and visible only to neighbor Sphere Dis in the sky, and vice-versa. Drerie is an arid and tough place to live in, and its people do not take well to outsiders.

The SurfaceEdit

Below the skyrending plateaus that decorate the skies above Drerie, is a dry and arid landscape where living conditions are harsh. The soil below is hardened almost to stone, where struggling plant-life barely breaks the surface of the dusty terrain. Crags and craters decorate the distant landscapes looking as if the land had once been crushed at its faults and moved by force. The animals that scower across this desolate world are hardened to the beating sun and are as ruthless as the dragonborn inhabitants. The struggle to survive is present in all life on Drerie.