Dith’alla’om is a far flung sphere, not even appearing on the horizon until a nail biting three hour flight. The slightest error or miscalculation in flight path can, and has caused ships to miss the sphere entirely, drifting aimlessly until they either run out of supplies or wander across some forlorn sphere. Do to the hectic nature of arriving at the sphere few but the most adventurous of merchants travel there, and next to none of the natives choose to leave. As for the surface of the sphere itself there are fourteen major cities, each formed inside of jungles or around small oasis’s, with the land between the cities ruled by scorching deserts.



For the most part the Kin’eko’chi appear fairly similar to humans, with an adult height variation between approximately 1.3 to 2 meters, weighing roughly between 70 to 90 kilograms. They have five major differences from humans. The first being that their organ system has several redundancies, or a tertiary organ system, meaning that where a human has only one heart a Kin'eko'chi has three, and while humans have two lungs kin'eko'chi have six, and so on an so forth. The second major difference is in their eyes, they have two sets of compound eyes, covered in a tough crystalline like substance, and are capable of seeing into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, the crystalline substance is naturally secreted, coming in multiple hues and like a human iris has no effect on the colors they see. They also secrete natural oils that in essence polish the existing structure around their eyes, keeping imperfections and obstructions to a minimum. The third difference is their tissue; while it appears and feels similar to a human’s it has a much denser carbon level, making it tougher and more durable. The fourth difference is the bone and musculature structure of their arms and the flesh around their wrists. Kin'eko'chi have three bones in their arm, two that look and act almost identically to the human ulna and radius, however in-between these bones they have bone like object that can be pushed through a small puckered orifice on their wrists to reveal twin stingers about a half a meter long, each filled with a venom whose strength varies on the individual Kin'eko'chi and their heredity as well as age and diet. The final difference from human beings is that Kin'eko'chi have a much different life cycle.

While human women produce an egg once each month, female Kin'eko'chi produce three eggs once every six years, and the gestation period for the eggs varies based on the heredity of both parents though it tends to be somewhere between one and a half to three years, there have been gestations that lasted only a year and some that lasted up to five years. Kin'eko'chi are then considered children once born, having no infancy period. At the age of twelve they are out of adolescence and into an in-between stage the kin'eko'chi call kan'eko'chi'nii or the way on the path to being oneself. At this time Kin'eko'chi choose what course of study they wish to peruse, they then leave their families home to join a Uta'Raktath, or master, at their Dith'kan'raktath, similar to a temple, to learn whatever task they have chosen to master. At the age of twenty they receive a ceremony call Eko'chi'eko'om, usually in the form of a final task as a journeyman. It is then that they are considered mature adults, and leave their Uta'Raktath Dith'kan'raktath.


One of the only other races to be seen in the kin’eko’chi cities, the shun’oke come in a large variety of sub species, and are kept as pets as well as food animals, with some looking like a hybridization of a capuchin monkey and a yellow jacket or hornet and the largest appearing to be massive ape-like creatures with small useless vestigial wings and useless stingers protruding from their inaccessible rear.


Within the last three hundred years the Kin’eko’chi were a very different race, instead of each possessing a mind and will of its own there were Rath’eko’om, Queens of All Paths, which ruled over them. The Queens each gave birth to thousands of drones that were mindless and soulless, which she controlled absolutely, however over time these drones were simply not adaptable enough to suit the Queens’ needs, and so, slowly, workers and warriors developed, with minds of their own, so as too be able to think of the Queens’ needs without the Queens omnipresent thought. In the beginning these workers and soldiers were still tightly bound to the control of the queen but as the generations progressed the queens slowly lost their once unbreakable hold over her children. War was on the horizon, but a catalyst was required. The workers and soldiers still couldn’t breed on their own, but again, evolution took hold and, with the ability to reproduce, war broke out between the free kin’eko’chi and the Queens’ with their slaves. The eventual winners were the freed kin’eko’chi, and with their victory the few remaining queens fled, to far-flung spheres, thought to be gone forever, lost in the distance.

The Queens were much more insectile than a modern kin’eko’chi, with six legs supporting a large abdomen meant to form and give birth to dozens of egg sacks each holding dozens of eggs at a time, and four arms with three sharp sets of pincers made for tearing into meats and flesh, as well as having a sturdy, durable exoskeleton. The Queens were capable of telekinesis as well as magic, and could communicate and control creatures through telepathy.

The drones like the Queens were much more insectile like than modern kin’eko’chi, possessing four arms, each with a set of pincers and retractable stingers, as well as large insectile wings, capable of flight, and an exoskeleton. The drones were incapable of any of the feats of the queens, unable to communicate at all except through the Queens extended telepathy, in essence the drones were truly just the hands feet and fingers of the Queen.

Workers unlike the Queens and the drones, were more reminiscent of the modern kin’eko’chi with more humanoid features, less insectile, however while they shed the exoskeleton, the four arms, and the pincers, they retained the retractable stingers and flight capable wings, as well as gaining a free-will and own thinking mind to better assess the queen, they remained under control of the queen. The Workers were capable of speech as well as magic and a minor version of the Queens telepathy, occasionally even being given the command of drones.

Warriors were almost identical to their worker counter-parts, however they also gained a third stinger, housed in their throats, which could launch from their mouths, extending to almost six feet. The Warriors, like the Workers were capable of speech and magic, as well as a minor version of the Queens telepathy.


The kin’eko’chi have an aristocratic caste government that is constantly in flux, with a veritable never ending spiral of assassinations, retaliations, and political backlash. While officially all kin’eko’chi are allowed to study at any temple of knowledge, few are allowed to learn anything but the harsh whip of menial labor. Those who do go to a temple to learn a craft or skill more advanced have seven options.

Uta’eko’kami, elite assassins of the kin’eko’chi race, their martial arts, weaponry training, and arcane magic skills are top notch, and completely and totally focused on killing.

Eko’nii’kami, brute soldier and military force, they are trained in unites, with a single commander, they are a deadly force while together, though it is said that an Uta’eko’kami journey man alone could defeat and temple of the Eko’nii’kami, masters, and all.

Di’li’eko, the politicians of the kin’eko’chi race, the elite of the sphere, their wealth, both in the physical currency and in the ownership of many of the Uta’eko’kami, and the fierce loyalty of the Eko’nii’kami, give them a dominating power over the sphere.

Eko’ruum’salli, historians and mages, they are a small and eclectic group, their spells seeming strange and rather useless to many of the kin’eko’chi. Most who join these temples never seem to leave, dying in the temples, long after becoming masters.

Rot’ul’eko, are the architectural and city planners, they learn the rare techniques of using kin’eko’chi venoms mixed together in a secret process to make a nearly indestructible stone, use to build much of the cities on Dith’alla’om.

Astr’ru’salli, the money keepers and accountants, they are secure in their positions so long as they keep the peace among the wealthier and more volatile of the aristocrats.

Ruum’ruum’eko, the smallest of all temples, this school is restricted to a single small temple, in the Sphere’s smallest city, it is the temple for training pilots of the small fleet of ships the Kin’eko’chi posses and use to move between sphere on rare occasions.