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Far from the denser populations is a larger, older sphere called Dis. Dis is not some spectacular hidden realm filled with vast adventures and untold riches, it is just a place that many races call home. With little to any magical technology they have lived mostly independent for the entirety of their long history, the only sphere they regularly associate with is Drerie, which shares some similarities in culture and interests with Dis. The races of Dis are similar to those you'd see in standard fantasy realms; elves, orcs, goblins, ogres, and many others, presently these races live harmoniously with one another- but in the past there have been several wars between the kingdoms that each race calls home.


The Seven NationsEdit

To the Northwest is Lucia, a cold mountainous region with harsh rocky terrain and ice-capped mountain tops. It is called home by the draconic races of Dis, here they patrol the mountain tops and make their nesting grounds in the geothermal waters within some of the volcanic caves. Lucia's main trading good to the other nations is Obsidian, which is used for many of the primitive tools throughout Dis.



Central Dis is known as Bal'zubah, it is a flat landscape covered with several plateaus and large boulders that are scattered throughout the territory. It is called home by the Ogres, a mostly peaceful race that enjoys cultivating their farmland and livestock, they are known to be the best chefs in all of Dis. Bal'zubah's main trading good to the other nations is Food, most crops and meat come from Bal'zubah though they prefer to be traded through bartering rather than currency. You can't eat eat gold, after all.

In the Southwestern province of Dis lies Modia, this region is the most developed of the the seven nations and holds many villages and small cities while also holding the largest major city in in Dis, it is home to the Cubi, a race of demonic men and women free from the hardships of hunger and thirst, instead thriving on the love of those around them. Due to this strange part of their life, Cubi are mostly happy people who spend all of their resources entertaining one another and improving the lives they have. Modia's main trading good to the other nations is clothing, which is awfully expensive due to their bright-colored and loud taste. 


Orc Female

To the far east is Ma'amun, which is called the Golden Desert by most folk in Dis. It is a endless expanse of sand and dust, where little life dwells, and the life that does is hardened and refined to be relentless like the desert itself. The Orcs and Goblins call the desert their home, and claim to love it for the wealth it holds and the secrets that lie untapped beneath the sand. Ma'amun's main trading good to the other nations is salt, though it is also the largest producer of gold in Dis.

North of Ma'amun, isolated from the rest of Dis by mountains is Acedia. To the few who have visited this secretive place, Acedia is a calm marshland decorated with mysterious lights and strange flora. The Capra, a mysterious race that hold goat-like traits, inhabit this region and dislike visitors entering their sacred land. Acedia's sole trading good is mushrooms, many hold strange traits that desired by potion makers and alchemists.

To the furthest south of central Dis is Invidia. A peaceful forestland with many rivers and streams that course throughout, it's people the Nereids, a race of mermaid like men and women proudly call it their home. In the center of the Invidia territory is a large lake that is concealed by trees and other plant-life, beneath this lake is Invidia great submerged major city where most Nereids establish their home and breed. Invidia's main trading good to other nations is fish, their fishing skills are unrivaled and the fish of their homeland is without comparison, due to this the nation had always had good relations with their Ogre neighbors.

And last, but certainly not least, furthest north of central is the great forest of Ira, the home of all elves. As the largest forest of Dis, Ira is known to house the widest array of flora and fauna throughout their world, due to this it is also said to be the least safe of the nations. Elves have adapted to this environment, like developing an immunity to most of the forests' poisons. Travelers rarely enter Ira alone, and elves prefer it this way as most of their forests are uninhabitable even by them. Their major trading good is wood, but they also are the leading trader of animal skins and furs.



The Lucian natives are by far the largest living creatures on Dis. With wingspans averaging around 1,200 feet they populate the skies of their homeland more than the actual mountains below. Dragons age incredibly slowly and breed once every couple thousand year but their egg pods recuperate for this condition by having 10-15 offspring at a time. Their diet is mostly carnivorous, though despite their menacing look they rarely prey upon the other intelligent races, however a few rogue drakes do break from this norm sometimes.


The Ogres of Bal'zubah can be found throughout every region of Dis. They stand 8-10 feet in height and have a rough exterior to them to their appearance that varies greatly, from large horns to cyclopean eyes. Ogres age rather quickly and breed even quicker, they are one of the most populous races on Dis and were known to breed few times a year. Their diet is food, anything that is edible or able to be consumed is to their liking. There was actually a period of time when food was scarce that ogres ate stones and wood, and seemed to digest the two without problem.


The Cubi are a strange race of demonlike people that originate from Modia. They vary in size but average around the size of a normal human, though how healthy they are will also effect this. Cubi's nourishment comes in the form of love, when it is directed at them they receive it in large amounts, but even being around it sustains them for periods of time. Cubi's most notable physical traits range from small horns, bat-like wings, to darted tails, rarely some are born without any of these traits and are only identifiable by the red eyes all Cubi possess. Cubi breed at the same rate as humans, but also have the unique ability to breed with species similar to their own.

Orcs and GoblinEdit

The green-skinned races of the desert Ma'amun are the most violent of the seven races. Constantly in civil war the people as a whole have a natural bloodlust, and crave battle at every moment of the day. But in the end, every civil war ends in the Golden Crown's favor, and the people have been under his absolute rule for generations. Orcs stand from the height of a man to around 6-7 feet in height, goblins on the other hand only stand at the height of a child to around 4 feet in height. Greenskin breeding rituals differ depending on what region they are from, but most are similar to human's.


Nereid Female


The Nereid of Invidia are said the be descendants of an older race that once thrived during the age of Dragons, but today they are the said the be the most beautiful creatures of Dis. Nereids maintain a youthful appearance throughout their life, reaching an adult-like apperance usually signifies the nearing end of their life. On average they stand about 5 feet in height, and have have distinct features such as fin-like wings or scale along their arms and legs. Their breeding habits are completely underwater and seasonally give birth to 3-5 young at once. Nereids lifespan is similar to Cubi but rather than it being based on nourishment it's on the extended time away from water, Nereid are indeed amphibious creatures but their body gradually weakens as they are out of water.


The Capra of Acedia, a mysterious race that prefer solitude and peace away from the hardships of the rest of the world. Capra of course take on traits of goats, but seem less humanoid than Cubi which are also demons. On average they stand at around 5 feet in height, though many alphas stand higher and they have a strange diet of only mushrooms. Capra breeding traditions are still a mystery, though they have always been a race that seemed fruitful and are numerous when they can be found. Their lifespan is shorter than a orcs but longer than ogres, usually living to be 30 years of age before dying.


The Elves of Ira are a proud people who come from a hard life of survival and war. Their appearance is the closest to humans despite their extensively long ears and very-long lifespans. On average they stand 5-6 feet in height, some tribes vary in height depending on the habitat they have adapted to and some even have strange colors of skin. Elves usually bear offspring once every hundred years to one or two children, due to this the race is very close-knit and family based. 

Politics and SocietyEdit

The Seven Reigning LordsEdit

The seven regions of Dis are each governed by an individual lord of their own race, most of them are even assumed to be the progenitors of their respective kingdom. The dragon queen Feru rules the northwestern mountains of Lucia, the royal elven tribe Ivyheart's chief rules over the forests of Ira, the first Capra and the most feared being Minos rules over the hidden wetlands of Acedia, the Merchant King of the Ogres Bal rules the central footlands Bal'zubah, The sand of Ma'amun's leader and wielder of the golden saber is Rottenmau rules over the desertthe sleeping queen at the bottom of Invidia's lake Leviathan rules over the souther forest, and Lilith rules over Modia in the Crimson City at it's core.

Relations with DrerieEdit

The nearest sphere to Dis is Drerie, while those of Dis do not visit, the dragonborn do sometimes come to Dis to pay respects to the dragons of Lucia. The two peoples share many cultural similarities and relations between the dragons and the dragonborn are seemingly better than with some of their own land, nonetheless Drerian people are not unwelcome on Dis and the little outworld trade that is done only occurs with then,

Notable IndividualsEdit