Age 25-30 visually
Gender Male
Race Malach Elf
Home Sphere Crux

"Stories have a life of their own. They live in those that hear them and grow with every telling. How would you like to live forever?"

Background Edit

Over the history of the Spheres wars have been fought, won and lost; Empires have risen to power, crumbled to dust and been forgotten. Throughout historical events stories of a figure surface. The Daemon Knight, Battlefield Executioner, The Great King Killer and others. Of all of the names used over time, one has become more common than most, Cross, after the sign burned into the bodies of those deemed important enough to keep the flow of history moving. The legend grew, with the fates of cities and nations decided by the actions of a single individual. The entire history goes back almost three millenniums, every chapter written down on the walls of Crux.

The stories persisted for thousands of years, always being added to. An empire losing a war had its emperor killed along with his entire guard in a blood stained night, his son coming to power and leading them from defeat into a victory. Generals in battle have been hunted down and killed while criminals and deposed royalty have been broken out of prison. Even when Cross is reported to have been killed in battle, another sighting usually occurs a short time later.

The peace of late has seen a reduction of sightings with the last being over two hundred years before, during a war on Dis where a king was murdered so that a peace treaty could be signed. Lae, his friend that had signed the treaty was executed for treason. Cross disappeared at that point and has only recently shown up again, drawn out by the recent crisis.

Cross isn't a singular person, but one of many that have used the name to carry out objectives with the goal of preventing history from becoming stagnant and boring. Every one to carry the name have been a peerless warrior in their own right, recognized for their skill as well as their intelligence. The current bearer chooses their successor when they first notice their skill failing, devoting the rest of their life to training and educating the next in line. Succession and the continuation of the Legend is the ultimate goal. The recent lack of births is seen as the greatest threat to their survival over the entire history.

The previous incarnation had gone to stop the war on Dis. He found a man that was to be a perfect king. They killed the current king and signed the treaty to put an end to the war. His friend was brought up on charges of treason by the supporters of the old king and executed. Disheartened by this failure in keeping the new king alive, he began training a successor that he had chosen from the locals and taken back to Crux. For the remaining few decades of his human lifespan in training a successor.

The new incarnation has recently left Crux and gone back to Dis in order to pick up where his predecessor had left off and to attempt to solve the crisis plaguing the Spheres. Cross found himself a stranger in his own home, no recognizing anything or anyone after so long away. He is reluctant to pick up his legacy, the only childhood he had known being steeped in war before he was taken away and trained to fight.

He is constantly smiling and quick to laugh at a joke. At odds with the legends about himself, Cross is a caring, compassionate person. Even in a heated battle, Cross is reluctant to kill his opponent. That's not to say he isn't capable of killing if it's to save a life. He has long since accepted the responsibility of the Legend, but is seeking a less violent way to continue it. Cross sees the current event as an opportunity to add his own chapter without resorting to instigating a war or murdering a king. Rather than be thought of as an assassin or a demon of war, he wants his legacy to be that of a hero.

The driving force behind Cross which is what he shares with the others of his line, is his own mortality. They seek to live forever through the stories that are told  of them and the mark they leave on history.

Tales (As told by himself) Edit

Waiting to be told...

Story Edit

Waiting to be told...

Skills Edit

Cross is a master of his sword, trained exhaustively in its use for several decades. He is also fairly acrobatic, owing to his origin as a Malach elf of Dis. In battle he seems to ignore injury, driving forward even through the pain of arrow wounds and broken bones. Cooking however, is not in his skillset. Given a slice of bread, a knife and some butter, Cross would shortly turn the entirety (possibly the knife included) into a homogenous mess.

Equipment Edit

Cross carries the longsword Krest, a sword that looks as old as time itself and with a blade blackened by age. It's grip is wrapped with coal black wire with a red gemstone pommel. The material it is made out of is unknown, but extremely tough to be able to have stood up to a truly countless number of battles.

His left arm has been lost in some long ago battle. in it's place has been fixed Szhigat, an artificial arm fueled by liquid or gas mana. A brand is installed into its palm in order for cross to burn his sign into his targets.