Conficturum is a magic substance used for a variety of purposes, though because of its incredibly rare and difficult to use nature, it's general use is left at the mercy of the few who use it; namely as a weapon.


At face-value, Conficturum is a trickster's tale; a prank to pull on the gullible. Those that come across it (or those who are told it is present) are left to their own decision. That is, to decide whether or not it is actually there.

Conficturum, in its base form, is an invisible and intangible "material" appearing as what seems to be thin air. Without proper guidance, conficturum cannot be detected in the environment, and requires magic assistance to do so. Even the accidental contact with it goes unnoticed, as oblivious individuals simply pass through it. To truly detect it, one requires the aid of a magician, and at that, one who knows of the closely-guarded secrets behind such techniques.

To date, only the dwarves of Boilergran can perform this technique. They do not share it with anyone other than their family, keeping the tradition hidden within their bloodlines. Those that wish to procure conficturum do not even get to be present when they look for it, making a good number of those seeking it quite put off; how do they know they've actually received it?

Ultimately, conficturum must be fastened to a tangible and visible object, lest those who wield it simply drop it to the floor without even realizing it.

Conficturum possesses the unique property of changing itself to that of the first thoughts that "imagine" it. Thus, conficturum's effects are fleeting; they only work in a split second, the moment before anyone present has the time to realize there is nothing there.

Used as a blade, conficturum is limited to single-strikes, requiring itself to be sheathed blindingly quick lest the wielder's opponents catch on. When unleashed, it takes the shape of the archetypal blade, having almost no characteristics to its appearance beyond that of the most basic concept of a blade, generally of a length and width matching the sheath it was put in.

Master use of this weapon requires the wielder to steel their own minds; if they imagine their blade would contact their opponents, then it will. If they keep their mind clear, the phantasmal nature of the blade will simply slip right past their opponent and strike them directly.

Naturally conficturum is weightless, affecting the user's stamina depending only on the object it is attached to. This, tied with the blades strange, nearly unpredictable effects makes for a truly terrifying weapon.