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New phyrexia by jungpark-d3ifgf2
Chalyx Steel is a Ferromorph, that is, a shapeshifting entity comprised of metallic materials. Thus, Chalyx can take on any form he desires, even going as far as to appear quite human. Being made of metal and having no discernible organs, Chalyx is practically unstoppable save by magical means.

He was first encountered on Urborg by Scipio and Edith Linne after crashing upon the Sphere. He initially took the form of a human knight, but quickly showed his true abilities and form after fighting with the Drider. He was encased in a silken tomb, but escaped during the following battle with the remaining black knights.

Chalyx later appeared in a forested field at the foot of a massive fortress, disguising himself as an abandoned but rather large sword in the ground.

New Chalyx Edit

Chalyx Steel is commonly known as the Boogieman of Mynce. Though there are other more present threats to would-be assailants on Mynce, but Chalyx is the one that appears to reap the ones who cause too much trouble to be stopped by normal golem response.

It's rumored that Chalyx is the soul of an old kingdom dissenter, now inhabiting the body of a living metal golem. Centuries after the attempted subjugation of the Mynou people, he is still standing in his eternal vigil as a protector against tyranny.

Of course, his entire existence is a rumor as well, but no fool has thought to be heartless enough to try invoking his wrath.