The Bulwark Empire sigil and motto.

The Bulwark Empire is the largest nation in the Auroran universe, notable by their ownership of a dozen Spheres and near-impenetrable military defense tactics. Their Spheres are considered the safest of Aurora, and their military campaigns have only once ever resulted in one of their worlds suffering casualties.


The Bulwark Empire is the most massive nation of Aurora, laying claim to twelve distinct Spheres just outside of the densest region of Aurora. While its power extends across all twelve, its home Sphere, the titular Bulwark, serves as its most formidable and empowering possession. The Bulwark Empire is a relatively peaceful nation, though its immense size and strong military presence lends well to its discerning appearance; the empire strives above all to prevent violence before it may begin, and their defense-oriented tactics reflect this.



Bulwark society is centered upon the ideals of justice and community. One who works well with their neighbors is the greatest civilian their nation could ask for. Originally, Bulwark peoples were not highly proud of might and military strength, but through their endeavors and the opinions held of them by other nations, Bulwark society came to look inwards and admire their own achievements. Thus, military service and success is also held in high regard.

Very few individuals of the Bulwark homeworld (and some satellite Spheres) are born and live without having gone through some form of military training and exercise. Not all stay within the corps, but society stresses that those who exhibit incredible skill stay to bring honor to themselves and their empire.

Most individuals of the empire adhere to the Silean Doctrine, a religious sect with strong ties to the formation of the empire itself. Though often regarded as a religion that presses upon non-believers, followers are quick to deny such claims. It is because of their almost fanatical adherence to the religion, and the pleasure they dervive from it that other peoples frequently see them as pressing.

Due to the large amount of diversity in the empire, its populace has become quite accustomed to outsiders or new races coming to their worlds. They are accomodating and kind, furthering the sense of comradery between neighbors no matter the differences. To many, the empire appears as utopian as it gets.


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King Ornuel, accompanied by knights.

The entirety of Bulwark is ruled by a militaristic monarchy, a stratocracy, essentially. The highest military ruler, the King (also called the Supreme Commander), is put into office whenever he or she takes said position in the military. Success on the battlefield, or trust and a following in the lower military castes leads to their induction as King, often facilitated by an appointment of the current King himself. The King rules until death or until they surrender their position to the next in line, often when they are too old or sick to rule.

All laws are ultimately subject to the King's discretion, but due to the immense nature of bureaucracy, such things are left to appointed councilmen and women who managed the legal aspects of the empire. They nevertheless answer to the King, ultimately.

Each Sphere is headed by a General of the Land, one of the highest-ranking military officials in the empire. They are free to administer laws to their own Spheres, but must adhere to the Bulwark law regardless of their own choices.


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