A Bulwark Sky Fortress hovering above the Sphere's city.

Bulwark is the ecumenopolis Sphere of the Bulwark Empire, and its capital Sphere. Bulwark is known for its formidable defenses and endless city streets, as well as a strict adherence to the Silean Doctrine.


Bulwark appears as a massive, city-covered Sphere just outside the Auroran center, layered in its sky by numerous wide and flat floating fortresses. Their continual movement and the ships and troops they carry lend to an impenetrable defense force for the Bulwark Empire's home Sphere. It is a well-kept Sphere, with a large population of well-to-do peoples. Its city sits above Aurora's most massive gravesite, the Blade Crypt, which is believed to encompass the entirety of Bulwark beneath the surface.


Bulwark's populace is primarily human, and practically 100% of the population define themselves as followers of the Silean religious doctrine, a religion that has persisted in Bulwark history since time immemorial and leads its people to being quite kind, though very cemented in their beliefs and ideals.

The defensive nature of the military and close-quarters has led to an inseperable bond between its peoples, notably one of the greatest examples of nationalism in Aurora.