Boilergrand is the homesphere of the Dwarven Kingdom. It is one of the largest spheres in the independent quarters, and by and large the most resource rich. From surface to deep subterrain, Boilergrand is chock full of precious metals and stones, giving the dwarves a lot of power in trade and craft across Aurora. They don't have monopoly on these resources, as there are far more scattered spheres interspersed across Aurora, but dwarves ended up with a technological advantage thanks to their early and frequent access to useful materials. Up until that technology was shared and traded, of course.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Boilergrand is a very large, hot, geologically active sphere. It's filled with striking and dramatic scenery, littered with wildly shifting hills and mountains, waterfalls and old lava flows, and rolling mossy plains. There is a distinct lack of trees on its surface, which forced early dwarves to use the natural caves for homes instead of building with wood. Later on, this turned to mining and smoothing out caves for subterrain cities. 

Rain is uncommon, though Boilergrand swaps between sparse and thick cloud cover from season to season. The variation of temperature from season to season is relatively minor, with Winter bottoming out at about 80F, and Summer topping at around 110F. 


The native creatures of Boilergrand's surface are usually small, rodent-like creatures, insects, small birds, with some slightly larger mammals in areas with more dense vegetation. These creatures are assumed to have migrated from further spheres through Gates, and only the ones that could thrive have fully settled on Boilergrand. As such, the flora and fauna are the least dangerous things on Boilergrand's surface.

Beneath the surface, however, there is a diverse ecology sporting large plants and fungi in tall and sprawling caves, larger creatures feeding off more plentiful food, and fiercer predators. The largest predators within Boilergrand's caves are known as Ollphéist. Dwarven kind has met with nine in its long rule of Boilergrand, but not a single one has looked alike. They are all massive, they are all terrifying, but they seem to be the only of their kind. Of the nine, they have seen city ruin at the claws of two, routed and locked away those two and six more, and killed only one of them.


Dwarven culture is based around a few main tenets. 

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