Anthath is and has been considered one of the most enigmatic spheres in all of known Aurora. This is partly because of it's proximity toward the presumed 'Center' of Aurora's spheres, but mostly due to the fact that not a single person knows what lies below it's dark, forboding cloud cover. The clouds do not ever dissipate, but there are no signs of inclement weather too violent to survive in save for storms that are occasionally seen from the outside. The frequency of these storms is low enough that it's not considered a risk.

The Lost ExpeditionEdit

The Lost Expedition refers to an event centuries ago headed by the Bulwark Empire. Several ships and roughly one thousand and five hundred colonists of varied professions and trades set off for Anthath to explore and colonize it for the Bulwark Empire. Entering it's gravity well was of no issue, but once the ships passed into the cloud cover they were not seen from again.

Assuming it was the result of savagery on the planet's surface that killed the settlers, a second band of militia was sent to attempt to reclaim whatever the original settlers attempted to take. This second group was also never heard from again.

When the Bulwark Empire received word of this tragedy, Anthath was marked as a no-man's land and no further trips to the sphere were made. To this day, no one truly knows what lies beneath Anthath's surface, but one can only imagine it to be the darkest of untold horrors.