Alexandra Talon
Age 24
Gender Femle
Race Human
Home Sphere Garude

Background Edit

Alexandra was brought up the daughter of a mage. As soon as she was old enough Alex eagerly began to learn from her father but struggled with many of the basics. Disheartened but not broken, she left home to learn from an alchemist and chemist. The alchemist had owed her father a favour and had treated her teaching as a burden initially. She was fascinated by the structure and procedure, mastering the science where magic eluded her and impressing her teacher.

It was not long before before the same structure and procedure was applied the the magic that had eluded her. From starting her apprenticeship in alchemy at the age of 14, it had taken a mere 2 years to learn the basics and six years from there to lay the groundwork for a new form of magic.

It has been two years since she left her apprenticeship. Alexandra travels the spheres, finding new ways to innovate but more likely than not finding new ways to get into and out of trouble.

Story Edit

Waiting to be told...

Skills Edit

Matching - Alex can connect the properties of similar objects together. A smashed window could break every window in a building or the simple act of lifting a cup could lift every cup in the room. She must still obey the laws of physics. Enough force must be used to break every window and she must lift the weight of every cup. The flow of energy can be controlled using more refined spells, moving heat or momentum from one object to another.

Signing - A Matching can be made permanent using signs written in solid Mana. This allows anyone to make use of the effect.

Potions and chemistry - Alexandra has the skills and knowledge to produce a wide range of potions and chemicals.

Equipment Edit

Several pencils of solid Mana, magnet, lighter and a steel knife.