Lala's character

Best Succubi there ever was ever.

"We need to leave." - Una

"Why? I've already won like three games." - Ailis

"There's six, maybe seven men staring at you. In the bad way." - Una

"Please, let them stare. I haven't been this full in days." - Ailis


Southwestern Dis was the most peaceful of all the regions. Even during the wars it saw the least action since the rulers of the western regions really didn't care for fighting. To Ailis this made life boring, her people were mostly performers, artists, doing little for the world as a whole and only entertaining themselves through trivial means. But she wanted to do something that would be genuinely entertaining for herself, not just those around her. She survived through appearance, many visitors of the tavern she worked within were easily mesmerized by the cubi's appearance. But it was just a means to sustain her health until she had finally decided what she wanted to do with her life. 

One fine eve at the tavern she worked in, an orc assaulted her, demanding that she marry him or would be beaten. He was large and back then had no means of defending herself. But luckily a nereid swordsman quickly rose to her aid, slashing the orc's arm clean in half and scaring him off. He was a traveler from the Silver Lakes, an area to the east where few travel due to the large aquatic monsters. She instantly fell for him, and stalked him as he exited her tavern and entered the nearby village. 

He cut a corner and caught Ailis red handed. But instead of lecturing or harming her, he offered to teach the woman how to use a sword. The use of it fascinated her, the feeling of a weapon in her hands. Together they trained for days, for weeks, for months, and on the anniversary of their fateful meaning he disappeared without leaving any note of departure. Luckily though she now knew what she wanted to do, she wanted to train, become a better swordsman and defeat the nereid man to prove to herself that she had become strong. She searched, for a long time. But not a trace was found, but she had trained so hard and gotten so strong. What could she do with her newfound strength?

Suddenly a woman appeared. Her eyes seemed distant but stared straight ahead as if she had just left somewhere and decided not to look back. It was interesting, enough to catch her attention. So Ailis followed the girl through the village until nightfall, and right as her seemed to drift into sleep she appeared to her. They both understood what was going on, it was a measure of power, between the two of them. And in the blink of an eye they both entered combat, striking at one another in a flash of blows. Ending in a draw, she had found new purpose. To grow stronger than this woman. But well you know, over time you forget about such serious a thing!

The Story So Far..Edit

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